O'Savage BioMechanics, Inc.

Providing novel solutions to unmet clinical needs for over 18 years.

Our History

OSBMI was founded in 1999 to address the growing need for product development engineering in the spine and orthopaedic markets. Over the ensuing years, OSBMI has evolved to provide feasibility, product development, quality system management and product maintenance to numerous inventors and companies. Well over a dozen product clearances and launches have resulted from our collaboration, in the areas of:

  • Posterior Thoracolumbar Fixation
  • Interbody Fusion Devices
  • Anterior Cervical Plating
  • Trauma Screws and Plates
  • Vertebral Compression Fracture Reduction and Fixation
  • Sacroiliac Fixation
  • Total Ankle Arthroplasty and Arthrodesis

Our Partners

We believe that for a project to be effective, experts are needed for every subject matter critical to the project's success. To that end, we strive to maintain strong relationships with the best the industry has to offer in Regulatory Consulting, Mechanical Testing, Manufacturing, Delivery Systems, Packaging and Sterilization. Rather than burning precious time and resources building up your organization, let us help you assemble a nimble team of experts with decades of experience in the specific areas needed to make your project a reality. There are enough challenges in bringing a new concept to reality. Finding the right team to guide you through Regulatory, Manufacturing and Validations doesn't have to be among them. Let us help make your idea a reality today.